SAN FRANCISCO (KSEE) – The Republican candidate for California’s U.S. Senate seat, Steve Garvey, was not clear on whether or not he would accept an endorsement from former president Donald Trump.

In his answer, Garvey revealed he has voted twice for Trump – but would not say if he would vote for him again. Garvey said on the podium that “the greatest single currency we have as Americans is the right to vote.”

“I think it’s personal. I’ll make that decision when the time comes,” he said. “And I hope this puts to an end the constant badgering and the use of the former president’s name as an attack against me.”

Garvey continued to say it would also be his personal decision to make if he was ever offered an endorsement from Trump – without revealing if he would accept an endorsement from him.

“These are personal choices. I only answer to God, my wife, family, and to the people of California – and I hope you would respect that I have personal choices.”